• 20 Essay Topics to Inspire You on Creation of Your Own

    Sometimes your professor doesn’t give you a list of essay topics to choose from, so it’s your task to find an interesting and important subject to write about. While you may be puzzled by a variety of ideas, you still need to consider your own attitude and should not rely much on the society and your peers. Look through the following ideas to come up with your own unique one.

    College Essay Topics to Provoke Your Imagination

    1. The “friend zone”: what is it and how do you move out of it?
    2. Should a woman make the first move when she is interested in a man?
    3. Face-to-face vs. online communication: what are the pros and cons of each kind?
    4. “Real” relationships: are you sure you understand what that means?
    5. Isolation: does the internet provoke it or help overcome it?
    6. Why do people drop out of high school and how can this problem be prevented?
    7. Teenagers and driving: how can the statistics be improved?
    8. Why has divorce become so popular worldwide? How can we influence this?
    9. How can racism be eliminated?
    10. What can be done to help children who are victims of family violence?
    11. How can we help students manage education, professional sport and business?
    12. What approach should coaches use to encourage athletes for better performance?
    13. How can fans support their beloved sports clubs and teams?
    14. How can the audience of your favorite sporting event be increased?
    15. What is the best behavior for a coach and players who lose a game?
    16. Procrastination: how can you avoid it in everyday life?
    17. How can students manage their time so to be able to attend sports?
    18. Living with a roommate: what are some ways to find common ground?
    19. Live without money or ask parents for help: how can you solve money problems effectively?
    20. Become independent: when is the right time and how do you go about talking to parents about that?

    When you choose a topic, you also need to understand what type of assignment you are required to write. This will help you find relevant material and choose an appropriate style for your work. Regardless of the topic, you need to use clear language and avoid difficult constructions.


    Good essay topics can be found in your everyday life, you just need to be attentive and curious about the things that happen around you. When you have a writing assignment, you must use different sources of information and can even interview people, if it’s appropriate for your task.

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