• Research Paper Basics: A Comprehensive Manual For Students

    Many people tend to ignore important rules stipulated in the delivery of academic papers. One of the issues that have caught students unawares is in the writing of a research paper. Well, it is not a major problem if you follow the guidelines strictly. This kind of assignment requires skill and knowledge of the format in which it should be written. Basically, this paper should highlight the main issue under study and how it will be studied. Here are important things to consider in your writing:

    1. Defining the study topic: Make sure that you make a good choice of topic for your paper. Avoid generalities. Choose a particular aspect concerning your study area. 
    2. Research outline: develop a good list of items to cover in your paper. How will you progress from one point to another as you write your paper? An outline will be useful in making a coherent piece of writing. 
    3. Explain why your chosen topic needs to be studied. This is where you provide the background of your research paper. Look at several studies around this topic and identify new study gaps. It is important to show that your topic was well researched before you identified it. 
    4.  Study questions, aim and objectives: highlight the aim and objectives of your study. After that, formulate questions that will be useful in achieving your listed objectives. 
    5. Literature review: in this section, look at good academic sources and explain how they relate to your topic. What has been studied in the past and what findings where made? In the course of writing this section, cite all references used and remember to list all of them at the end of the paper.
    6. Methodology: explain how you will conduct your research. What methods will you use? Will they be primary or secondary sources? Explain why it was useful in choosing the method you will be using. 
    7. Analyze, present and discuss your findings: based on the method of research used, present all your findings needed for making meaningful conclusions. 
    8. End your paper with a summary and conclusion. Restate your topic and evaluate it against your findings. This section is as important as any other part of your research paper. Therefore, make sure that you make solid conclusions about your paper. 

    Writing your paper will require you to study this format carefully so as not to omit any of these sections. Get term paper help from professionals to grow your writing skills.

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